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We, at ISKCON Farmington Hills spiritual and cultural center, are committed to offer you and your families a fresh air of spirituality to breathe in. We offer spiritual counseling to the families to lead a warm life of understanding, friendship, and love. We teach mindfulness and mantra meditation techniques to equip professionals with the skills of work life balance and stress-free life. Our yoga & self-realization programs are designed to awaken the inner potential and protect you and your families from the negative influences of today's world. Our spiritual programs are meant to develop positive qualities to lead a better life. Our stress management programs offer various tools to lead a stress-free life.

Our urban women group offers a quality association of lady professionals of various fields. We recognized the importance of offering quality training to children. Our aim is to train children to imbibe the qualities of spirituality, respect, patience, and service attitude. Overall, we are here to render service and enhance the quality of your life. We believe in the principle of empowerment of individuals for the better society.

I request you to join us in our endeavor to create a better society.

Your Servant,

Yugal Kishore Das


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