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What is today’s society all about?

Broken families? Mentally depressed people? Unsteady youth addicted to vices and bad habits? Today there is a steep degradation of ethical values in families and communities. Unfortunately, this disturbing trend is leading to serious emotional and mental problems that are causing grave health problems. Today, people have uncontrolled and agitated minds leading to deficiency in making mature decisions.

No one has any idea how to address this problem at the grassroots level. Spirituality is a cure-all for most of these problems. It is proven that students having strong spiritual background exhibit good sense control, and hence performed very well in their careers.

You know well: Families that pray together stay together with contentment. Families that sing for the Supreme Lord cling together. Families that dance for the pleasure of the Supreme Lord advance together.

Regular access to inner space helps us control the mind and increases our spiritual quotient. Actually temple is a hospital where we can find a cure for the contaminated mind. Mantra meditation is a medication that cleanses the impurities of our heart, and Kirtan yoga takes our consciousness to higher levels and floats us in immense bliss. Our participation in temple worship and services leads us on the path of self realization.


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